Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation’s (RIC) mission to transform NUST into a generation 04 university by achieving sustainability. To fulfill this, RIC aims to bring following objectives into realisation:
  1. Manage National Science and Technology Park (Pilot as well as Main NSTP)
  2. Manage Hi Tech Special Economic Zone
  3. Manage university research and publications related activities
  4. Promote industry focused multi-disciplinary R&D
  5. Manage Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer of the University as well as NSTP
  6. Commercialise R&D performed at NUST to the industry
  7. Establish and enhance wide ranging multi sectoral industrials and corporate linkages
  8. Provide a platform where industry can interact with NUST faculty, researchers and students on different avenues which includes R&D collaboration, internships & jobs, industrial visits and innovation talks
  9. Organise and conduct innovation led activities and programmes
  10. Act as a catalyst for creation of new industries through spin off and subsidiaries
  11. Manage University Holding Company – NUST Holdings (Pvt) Limited
  12. Manage placements of NUST students and graduates, creating job opportunities and enhancing employability
  13. Provide opportunities for career life skills development and market readiness of NUST graduates
  14. Provide professional development trainings to the industry
  15. Manage Alumni network
  16. Manage University fund raising to support deserving students through scholarships
  17. Manage ICT functions of the University