After HEC’s notification, Office of Research Innovation and Commercialisation (ORIC) was established in 2011. Currently having 12 offices, RIC functions are as follows:
  1. Facilitates and coordinates research and publication related activities of NUST constituent institutions and liaise with national and international academics, research and industrial organisations to support research at NUST
  2. Harnesses the university research ecosystem for achieving self-reliance in the defence sector of Pakistan
  3. Encapsulates NUST’s research and intellectual property opportunities at the earliest stage and translates these benefits to industry and community
  4. Provides a platform to NUST students, graduates, faculty, and other aspiring entrepreneurs to transform technology-based business ideas to reality
  5. Promotes the economic development & competitiveness of region, create new business opportunities, foster a culture of entrepreneurship and generate knowledge-based jobs
  6. Stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology amongst R&D institutions, companies, markets and NUST
  7. Creates new enterprises by commercialising University R&D outputs and to undertake commercial projects based on inherent capabilities / capacities
  8. Facilitates NUST management in reaching out philanthropic partnerships and manage alumni network
  9. Enables working professionals from industry to stay abreast of latest developments in their related disciplines as well as conduct trainings for the internal staff / faculty of NUST
  10. Promotes NUST graduates as the premium choice for the employers
  11. Provides programs and services to inculcate employable skills in demand and enable students to make effective career choices
  12. ICT enablement of University and its core functions