Air Vice Marshal Dr Rizwan Riaz SI(M)

Welcome to Research & Innovation Offices, established to promote culture of entrepreneurship and research at NUST – an SDG engaged University that has aligned its core functions with the UN SGDs.

The role of Universities is fast changing in this world that is driven by technological innovation; universities are increasingly becoming the epicentre of knowledge creation, a trait of being a third generation university, to propel this technological innovation.

Research & Innovation

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), with its mission to transform itself into a comprehensive research-led university, has maintained a focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Research & Innovation (R&I) Offices, established in 2011 in line with HEC mandate, work with an aim to establish an ecosystem for innovation centric R&D, its commercialisation, and fostering industry-academia linkages on grounds of mutual benefits. R&I Offices/Centres including Research, Innovation & Commercialisation, Placement, University Advancement and Alumni Offices work under the approved policy – by the NUST Academic Council – since April 2012.

Research & Innovation Offices